Ruzi the Who?

A quick explanation

An artist.

An outgoing person.

An animal and machine lover.

A dreamer enjoying every single day.

A fangirl with respect for original concepts.

A girl celebrating her 19th birthday every year.

Ruzi in a table

Name Ruzi the Spider, no more details via internet.
Gender female, straight (befriending gays)
Age 19. Forever. End of Line.
Skintone rather light/pale
Hair dark brown to black, curly and looong
Eyes brown to green, getting lighter each year
Snoopy, Alaskan Husky, Ex Sledge Race Champion
Missed Pets
11 rat girls, sadly all gone. :(
Car Renault 19, WIP costumizing it.
Hobbies See "Ruzi's World"
Favourite Colour
Yellow. Light blue and dark green. Violet.
Favourite Food Popcorn. Cornflakes. Anything made from Corn.
Actual Task Watching all Transformers episodes ever shot.

curriculum vitae

The 1980es

Ruzi had a happy childhood growing up in a small town in Hessia, Germany.

She had many friends, most of them living in the same skyscraper of the company Merck, and enjoyed playing with typical 80es brands as MyLittlePony, RainbowBrite, He-Man, Lego and Duplo, Matchbox cars, Popples and Care Bears... who she already begin to draw.


She visited a basic german school in named small town and was often the creative head when coming to games in recreation or free time. Some friends of that time are still missed, as her best friend Vanessa, Tina and Christina , who moved to another town and was never seen again.


The 1990es

Ruzi went to a higher school, finding out that most of her friends stopped playing and started to be only interested in love relationships. Few friends stayed closer to her as was Peter, a friend from Kindergarten highly interested in Star Treck. Together they enjoyed careless times with small fandom activities, so that finally the whole class was thinking they were in one of their higly valuated sexual relationship.


It was none, and as the years went on, the boy was not the only gay friend Ruzi encountered. Basically looking very girly, Ruzi's behaviour tended to be more typically male, and she was annoyed of her straight male acquaintences, who turned against her once she left clear she was not interested in any official relationship besides friendship or sex. Based on their respective characters and wearings, Peter (striped pullover) was nicknamed "the bumblebee" and Ruzi (wearing gothic black) "the spider".


The 2000s

The end of the school came with the end of the century, celebrating it with her columbian relatives. Having obtained a remarkable degree in high school, to everybody's surprise Ruzi did not enter university of arts. She wanted to gain more practical experience and open up a comic and games shop - the freak she was and still is- and started an apprentienceship as office clerk. The whole idea was

"Selling my art I will starve, so I'll sell appreciated art instead."


By the middle of the 2000s, Ruzi opened up a store in a small village in south Hessia which went better and better - until the economic crisis put a sudden end. Until then, she had gathered quite some friends and activities in that area of Germany and decided to stay there.


The 2010s

Ruzi tried to work on a regular basis, even occupying a higher position in a worldwide known Game Company - unluckily it was a mere office job unconnected to most of the products and keeping her busy 10h/day which lead to burn out syndrome.


She is actually recovering, and creating this personal homepage is one step in regaining her creative aspect of life. Another one is to regain her hobbies, especially reading, writing, and painting. She is also registered at artistic or fan communities as Deviant Art and Facebook.