Ruzi's world

Ruzi's world is full of fandom.

That means she really loves certain hobbies or medias and will spend most of her freetime diving into those imaginary worlds without losing conection to real life. As she is quite creative she will also add her personal extra to them, that means fan characters, stories and pics.

Fangirl warning

The following slide show includes viewings of a TCG player, Nostalgian, 80es Fan,  Figurine collector, Fangirl,  Manga reader & Costume lover.

Ruzi's Geek Code V.3.1 is       GFA/MC d--@ s: a? C+ U---?

P--? L E--? W++ N? o? K-? w+ O? !M@ V? PS++ PE Y+ PGP-? t+>$ 5+>$ X+>$ R+>$ tv>$ b++ DI-- !D- G e+$ h+>$ r x+