Ruzis Art

Ruzi has been scribbling since she was able to hold a pencil. One of the first masterpieces called "Micky Mouse, monster in the water and more" is still decorating the wall.


Nowadays her art consists of drawings, written texts, paintings, creative sewing, tinkering and much more. Ruzi often prefers to participate in Fan Fiction rather then sharing a whole original setting, as her original characters and concepts have been stolen several times. But not sharing own projects tends to slow them down, even canceling them, especially when there is noone around to draw/write along with her.


Unluckily after leaving school she wasn't encouraged to make a carreer out of her talents, but is working on it now. One step is a children fantasy book she is writing an illustrating, as well as working on paintings with original characters for access at a school of art.


Drawings and paintings

Ruzi's new Deviant Art account (english)

Ruzi's old Animexx account (german art comminity)


Please keep in mind those pictures are (c) by Ruzi - don't steal them.

Please keep also in mind that art examples are several to 15 years old.


Now you can buy Ruzi's Art via Internet (pages in progress):

In Europe

In the USA

General photos

Ruzi's photobucket account


Some of the cosplay photos can be found here, as well as photos of her pet rats, her car and random activities.


Ruzi's LARP and Cosplay costumes.


Please find further photos and information of Ruzi's Live Action Role Play and Comic characters here. Note that the pages are in German.