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Ruzi the Spider

Back in the 90es, when internet was young, everybody tended to have a personal webbpage, using his own graphics and prosa to introduce oneself to the world.


Now, as internet has grown beyond  infinity, most people are part of some sort of internet community (f.e. facebook), showing their standard profile and data this way to half of the world. Ruzi has never liked the idea of being gathering so-called friends this way, especially as your most private data may be available for the communitie's provider to sell to third parts.


Being somehow nostalgic, Ruzi has chosen to use the more private way to share one's thoughts and parts of his life with every person interested in.

So here is her personal webpage, in the most common language she is able to write in - English. Please forgive her possible mistakes, as her mother tongues consist of German and Spanish, and enjoy the inview of the life of one freaky girl.

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